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ors that has Stephe◆n Curry, Kevin Dura■nt, Clay Thompso■n and Draymo■nd Green.Of a◆ll the 24 ESPN ex○perts, only Chri■s Herrin


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    g 〓thought Golde●n State could ●sweep out C○leveland in four ■games. Ian Begl●ey and Jeremias Eng●elmann believ■ed the ser■ies would las●t to full seven ga●mes. Meanwhile t◆wo thirds

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    , 16, ○of them predicte●d that the Warriors● would win the■ Larry O'Bri●en NBA Champio◆nship Trophy● in five ga◆mes.ESPN comm○entator Jeff ◆Jeff Van G

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    undy s●aid he would be surp◆rised if the Caval●iers wins even ●one game. "This○ is the bi●ggest differen■ce that I remember○ betwe

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    en two teams ◆heading into the ●Finals in my ■time in the■ NBA. I can&rsquo●;t think of a big〓ger gap fro◆m a team p?/p>

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    餰rspective," said ●Van Gundy, a●dding that Clevela○nd would "have○ to be lights-out fr〓om the three-po〓int line to〓 have a chan●ce to

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es, it would take○

win a g○ame."Mark Jackson,● former head coa◆ch of Golde●n State disagreed ■that Cleveland st○ands no chance.○ "I’m not ■going to say zero p●ercent cha●nce, t

hey have the ●best player in t■he world (LeBr■on James). I think w〓e are not giving t◆he Cavs and (Coach)■ Ty Lue, LeBron Jame■s and the su○pporting c■ast enough 〓cre

dit. Th〓ey marched〓 through the E〓astern Conference. 〓I’m not s◆o sure that they ●are not the se〓cond-best team ○in the business,○ and we’ll〓 see how it■ plays out," s■aid Jackson.Mean○

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